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I've been studying denim and denim culture for over 10 years. I've tracked the trends, styles, and use of fabric in these past years and have amassed a wealth of knowledge through my passion for all things denim.

Rogue Territory is a fully bespoke premium denim company...yes, my jeans are handmade by me from start to finish. I use the highest quality denim from all over the world and can make any style: vintage, contemporary, and modern alike.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Denim Accessories V.1 - Boots

Ok, so a lot of you out there might be thinking to yourselves while you're reading this blog. "well, I know where to get the perfect jeans, but what do I wear with them once I have them?" Leave that to me. I have no problem throwing out some suggestions. So whenever i come across something I think looks great with denim I'll post it under "Denim Accessories". Now you know where to look.

First up: Boots - Redwing's
Everyone has to have at least one great looking pair of boots. For me, I like rugged looking work boots, but I'm not completely sold on super heavy duty boots, mainly because they have a heel, and I'm not too fond of heels on any of my shoes. So, personally speaking I found that I really have a thing for Redwing's that come with their patented crepe wedge sole. So here's some pics of a pair of boots I picked up while I was over in Japan.

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Truth be told, Redwing Boots are say middle of the rung when you're focusing on quality of material and craftsmanship, but I do think they have a great and unique look to them. That being said, a pair of boots like these will last you a lifetime if you look after them.

Other Work Boots:

Lone Wolf: Mechanic
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When it comes to heavy duty and high quality, a brand like Lone Wolf hits the mark. True, it is a difficult brand to purchase here in the states, but if you're ever in Japan you should check them out.

White's Boots: Bullhide Lace Up Packer
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White's Outdoor has roots from the White's Boot Company, which was founded in Virginia prior the Civil War. Recognizing a need to provide loggers of the Northwest with hand stitched, high quality work boots, White's moved westward to St. Maries, Idaho in 1902 and then to Spokane, Washington in 1915.

During it's over 100-year history, White's has maintained an unwavering focus on quality in the boots that it builds and the service that it provides.
Semi-Dress Boots:

Semi-Dress Boots:

Red Wing Boots: 1914 The Gentleman Traveler Series
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Red Wing 1911
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The Red Wing Gentleman Traverler Series harkens back to a time when travel didn't include frequent flyer miles. Travel was difficult and often wrought with adversity but gentleman still needed to look smart and sophisticated along the way. Their shoes needed to navigate crushed gravel streets and then be polished and ready to impress. The Gentleman Traverler Series offers that required smart styling with Horween Leather

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