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When it comes to jeans, if you're like me, the most important things are fit, quality, and style. I've spent a lot of time and money searching for the perfect pair of jeans, but it wasn't until I learned how to make jeans that I found a reasonable way to consistently get the perfect pair.

I've been studying denim and denim culture for over 10 years. I've tracked the trends, styles, and use of fabric in these past years and have amassed a wealth of knowledge through my passion for all things denim.

Rogue Territory is a fully bespoke premium denim company...yes, my jeans are handmade by me from start to finish. I use the highest quality denim from all over the world and can make any style: vintage, contemporary, and modern alike.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't wash the jeans!

I know I know it's sounds weird, but it's true! Your jeans don't need to be washed like you wash your underwear, socks, shirts etc. Believe it or not jeans look better with age and wear. So let's break it down...

There are two types of premium denim out there:

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There's the "treated" denim which covers all those jeans that have been washed and faded and all those other crazy things that are done to jeans to break them down.
Then, there's raw denim; which is untreated and kept beautiful and untainted in its natural form.
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There are a few reasons why you shouldn't (don't need to) wash your jeans.
1. *Most Important* the indigo will fade much quicker. Jeans bleed naturally, the more you wear your jeans the more the indigo will fade in the areas that get worked the hardest. If you wash your jeans that natural process is ruined and you won't be able to salvage them.
2. Raw denim is usually rigid and is coated with a resin that helps keep the indigo from bleeding. If washed that resin melts which may cause the jeans to bleed more easily.
3. Denim is a tightly woven material which loosens up after each wear. When you wash your jeans the structure of the jean is changed.

That being said, treated denim can be washed more frequently than raw denim. Seeing as that treated jeans have already gone through prewashes and wearing stages.

Raw denim on the other hand should be worn often and washed only after 3-4 months of wear if you can hold out go 6 months before you wash them. When you're washing your jeans you should only wash them in cold water with minimal detergent, and HANG DRY them NEVER put them in the dryer.

Of course you can also dry clean your jeans.

there is one exception when it comes to getting your denim wet. If you buy a pair of raw denim jeans you can always where them in the bathtub or place them in the bathtub in cold or luke warm water. This is process is known as "shrink to fit." This is your the only time it is ok for your jeans to be in contact with water right after purchasing them :)
Final note:

Always make sure you're wearing your jeans a hell of a lot more then you're washing them. Treat your jeans like they are a part of your body, when worn and cared for effectively they become a story book. Each owner wears their jeans differently so each pair of jeans tells a different story. That's what makes denim so exciting.


rockon99 said...

MAAAD props dude.. Rockon99 from sufu.

I wrote a blog like this on my myspace; so many of my friends are like.. "WHYYY did you spend so much money on your PAANTS..." they dont get it. its so cool :)
good work dude

SMorris said...

I TOTALLY agree about not washing jeans! I wash a new pair of jeans right at first when I get them home so that they are more comfortable and broken in. Then, that's the LAST TIME they ever get washed! I wear one pair for about 5 days straight and then I switch out to another pair--which I then also wear for several days. I have so many jeans, by the time I cycle back to the pair I originally wore, it has been quite some time. But NONE of them ever get washed under any circumstance. Not only do unwashed jeans feel more comfortable, I think jeans look far better dirty. So yeah, don't wash those jeans!mndfe

Chuck D said...

What if you shit your pants after a hard drinking binge or something?

Humpty Dump said...

OK. I took your advice and stopped washing my pants. I ended up with lice but I was committed. So, I also stopped washing my underwear and the rest of my clothes. I stopped washing myself. Then not only did I get lice, I stunk like 5hit I got dysentery.
I did lose my girlfriend, my job, my friends and my family. No one wants to be around me now.
Thanks for the wonderful advice !
Yea !

Humpty Dump said...

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